Version 4.1.0 Update

Thank you for playing KINGDOM HEARTS Uχ Dark Road.

The app was updated to Version 4.1.0 on Oct. 1, 2020.
Please see the below details for a list of adjustments implemented with this update.

■ Update Details

●Craft Function Added
Collect materials from World Battles and events to create useful accessories!

●Adjusting Game Balance
Xehanort's strength and magic has been adjusted and fixed to be the same amount of power.

●Get BP by playing KHUX
You can accumulate your KHDR BP by playing KHUX.

●Buy Traits with Munny
You can buy traits from the Moogle Shop with Munny.

●New Added Traits!
5 new traits have been added.

Ground Enemy DEF -70% Lowers defense of ground enemies by 70%.
Aerial Enemy DEF -70% Lowers defense of aerial enemies by 70%.
Damage in Raids +50% Raises damage dealt against Raid Bosses by 50%.
Extra Attack: 50% Power Deals another attack.
STR +1500 Raises strength by 1.500

●Bug Fixes and UI Adjustments

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