Version 3.3.0 Update Notes

Thank you for playing KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross].

The app was updated to Version 3.3.0 on Jun. 27, 2019.
Please see the below for a list of adjustments implemented with this update.

■ Update Details
- Added the Beginner’s Guide button to the Home screen.

- Increased visibility of Boosted, Supernova, and Supernova+ Medals in Medal List.

- Up to 99 of the same Trait Medal can now stack into one slot in Medal Storage.

* In conjunction with the update, players will no longer be able to place Trait Medals in their spirit slots (6th slot) and select them as their shared Medal.
* Trait Medals cannot be stacked in the following situations.
 - [Caution] Medals with traits.
 - Leveled up Medals or Medals with their special attack enhanced.
 - Medals with skill attached to them.
 - Locked Medals and shared Medals.

[Caution] Please note that Medals with Special Traits (and nothing else) obtained through Sprit Training can be stacked, but will lose its Special Trait once it is stacked.

- Added new Filter categories in Medal List: Trait, Can Evolve, and Supernova.

- Adjusted the Special Attack sort option in Medal List.

- Huey & Dewey & Louie Medals will now appear when selecting [Optimize] in the Level Up menu.

* Attack Medals will no longer be selected when using [Optimize].

- Adjusted the transition after a Raid Boss spawns.

■ Addressed Issue
- Addressed issues with Reflect. ⇒ Click here for more details.

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