Version 2.3.1 Update Notes

Thank you for playing KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross].

The app was updated to Version 2.3.1 on Sept. 28, 2017 at 1:30 a.m. PT / 8:30 (UTC).
Please see the below for a list of adjustments and bug fixes implemented with this update.

■ System Additions
- Added the Pet System → Please check here for more details
- Added support for iOS Game Center achievements
- Added 'come back' incentive quests which will trigger after a player has not logged in for 60+ days
- Added additional features to be implemented at a later date

■ UI Tweaks
- Added the "View Equipment" button to the Coliseum and High Score ranking screens so players can check the Keyblade set ups used by other players
- Added the ability to sort by "Border Rank" on ranking screens in addition to "Me" and "Top 10". This option will display the players ranked in the tail end of a specific reward tier.
- Added ability to sort Medals by "Special Attack Bonus" and "Traits"
- Changed the Lux Ranking TOP 5 Crown display on the avatar details screen

■ Various Bug Fixes/Adjustments
- Increased amount of Jewels received from the daily login bonus
- Increased all players' Medal storage capacity by 100
- Improved the tutorial story quests (1-6)
- Adjusted the following story quests to make them more enjoyable to play:
 8, 14, 24, 34, 47, 54, 66, 76, 81, 96, 102, 120, 130, 160, 183, 200, 217, 230, 250, 275, 325
- Added one new Cost board, which will be available from the beginning of the game
- Changed the special attack effect for all ★4 and lower rarity Medals
- When using the Auto function during a raid battle, devices will no longer auto-lock due to a lack of input
- Other miscellaneous bug fixes

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