Version 2.0.2 Update Notes

Thank you for playing KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross].

The app was updated to Version 2.0.2 on Apr. 20, 2017 at 12:00 a.m. (PT) / 7:00 (UTC).
Please see below for a list of adjustments and bug fixes implemented with this update.

■ Union Cross (Multiplayer Quests) Adjustment
・Items dropped from enemies will now be given to all players who participated in the battle with that enemy. (Previously, these items were only given to the player who landed the finishing blow on the enemy.)

■ Union Cross (Multiplayer Quests) Bug Fixes
・When tapping on another player's Revive icon, the player would perform a normal attack.
・If the Main Objective and Time Objective were completed at the same time, only the players that attacked the Time Objective enemy would receive rewards.
・Players who became disconnected after pressing "Play Again" on the Results screen would be unable to progress.
・Other players' attack animations would not play when the Continue window appeared.
・Fixed an issue where, if you are in the middle of a Special Attack while the rest of your party completes the main objective, certain Special Attack graphics would continue to remain on the screen into the Results Screen.
・Buff/Debuff/Status Effect icons would not display properly on Target boss enemies.

■ Other Quest Bug Fixes
・An issue when fighting enemies with counters where certain Medal images would remain on the bottom left of the screen.

■ Traits Adjustments and Bug Fixes
・The values for the traits "Ground Enemy DEF -20%" and "Aerial Enemy DEF -20%" have been increased from -20% to -60%. In addition, this trait can no longer be stacked. (Having two of one of these traits on the same Medal will not increase its effect)
・Fixed an issue where the "Damage in Raids +40%" trait would only apply to Special Attacks, and not to normal single attacks or normal area attacks.
・Fixed an issue where "Extra Attack: 40%" would only trigger on Special Attacks, and not on normal single attacks or area attacks.

■ UI Fixes
・Fixed an issue on the Keyblades overview screen where, if in possession of 10 or more Keyblades, tapping on an empty space would select another Keyblade.
・Fixed an issue on the Party Members screen where wide avatar parts like the "Juggler: Accessory" would cover a player's Lux level.
・Fixed Cross Boards to display a message on screen indicating that a Cross Board has been opened.
・Fixed an issue where "Overwrite Failed" would appear on the screen even if a skill overwrite was successful.
・Fixed an issue where certain text would not appear properly on certain Android devices.
・Fixed an issue on the Keyblade sets selection screen where the app would sometimes crash when attempting to max one's Special Gauge with an unstable connection.

■ Other
・Fixed startup issues occurring on several Android devices.
・Fixed an issue in the second Main Quest (in the initial Tutorial) where the game would become unresponsive.
・Fixed an issue where an error message would sometimes appear when using Jewels to replenish the Special Gauge when progressing through the Coliseum.
・Fixed several other issues.

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