Awaken your Medal's Traits!

In this notice, we will explain the new "traits" mechanic, which was implemented during the maintenance from Apr. 5, 2017 8:00 p.m. to Apr. 6, 2017 4:00 a.m. (PT) / Apr. 6, 2017 from 3:00 to 11:00 (UTC).

■What are Medal Traits?
・When you fuse a Medal onto another Medal with the exact same name and rarity (in other words, a Medal with the same Album #), you will unlock the Medal's "trait".
・Unlike Skills, a Medal's trait(s) is always active.

※The Fantasia Mickey B Medal will not unlock any traits on a Medal.
※Fusing multiple copies of a Medal in the same fusion will not unlock more than one trait.

※Medal fusions performed before the update will not be granted traits retroactively.


・There are many different traits to unlock, and the trait that you get will be randomly decided each time you perform the Medal fusion.
・The number of traits you can have on a Medal (called "slots") differ from Medal to Medal.

▽You can view a Medal's trait(s) by tapping on the arrow near the bottom of the Medal Details screen.▽

・If you have filled in all trait slots on a Medal and attempt to unlock another trait, you will have the option of overwriting one of the Medal's unlocked traits.
 If you choose not to overwrite, your Medal's trait(s) will not change.


■List of Traits

●Affects all Medals equipped to your Keyblade

Max Gauges +2 Raises the player's SP Attack gauge max by 2.
Max HP +800 Raises the player's HP cap by 800.
Poison Resist 20% Lowers the odds of getting poisoned by 20%.
Paralysis Resist 20% Lowers the odds of getting paralyzed by 20%.
Sleep Resist 20% Lowers the odds of being put to sleep by 20%.

●Affects only the Medal with the trait

Ground Enemy DEF -60% Lowers defense of ground enemies by 60%.
Aerial Enemy DEF -60% Lowers defense of aerial enemies by 60%.
Damage in Raids +40% Raises damage dealt against Raid Bosses by 40%.
Extra Attack: 40% Power Deals another attack.
STR +1000 Raises strength by 1,000.
DEF +2000 Raises defense by 2,000.

※If you have multiple Medals with the same traits in your loadout, the effects will stack.
NOTE: "Extra Attack" is an exception to this rule, since it will not stack past 2 of the effect. "Ground Enemy DEF -60%" and "Aerial Enemy DEF -60%" also do not stack.

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