Introducing the Nova Attack!

Here's an introduction to the new Nova system introduced in Ver 1.2.1.
Nova is a brand new type of attack that deals massive damage, but you can use it only once per quest!

 Click here to learn more about the Special Attack Bonus, which is needed to unlock the Nova attack.

■The Nova System


・Nova is a new type of attack that can be used once you have unlocked the Special Attack Bonus of at least one Medal.
・You can use a Nova attack only once per quest or raid boss battle, and you can activate once in a quest or raid by pressing the button on the top right of the screen.
・By increasing your Nova level, you can increase how much damage it deals!

★Since you can only use a Nova attack *once* per quest, plan out when would be the best time to use it!

■Leveling Up Nova Attacks


・You can level up your Nova attack in two different ways:
  (1) Whenever you unlock the Special Attack Bonus for the first time for a Medal in your Medal Album.
  (2) Whenever you max the Special Attack Bonus for the first time for a Medal in your Medal Album.

※Even if you unlock or max the Special Attack Bonus for multiple copies of the same Medal, your Nova attack will only level up for the first one that you unlock or max.
※If you have discarded any Medals with their Special Attack Bonus unlocked or maxed prior to the version 1.2.1 update, those Medals will not be counted. Only the unlocked or maxed Special Attack Bonuses of Medals currently in your possession will be counted.
※Boosted versions of Medals are treated the same as non-Boosted versions.

・If you’ve unlocked the Special Attack Bonus of two “Illustrated Kairi” Medals, NOVA will only level up once.
・If you’ve unlocked the Special Attack Bonus of a Boosted version of “Illustrated Kairi” and a non-Boosted version of “Illustrated Kairi”, Nova will only level up once.

★Whenever you get a new Medal, be sure to unlock or max its Special Attack Bonus as soon as possible in order to level up your Nova attack!


・If you've unlocked or maxed the Special Attack Bonus of any of your Medals prior to Ver 1.2.1, they will count toward your Nova level.
・You can confirm which Medals are contributing to your Nova attack's level by viewing your Medal Album, and by checking the icon attached to the Medal’s number.


(About Special Attack Bonus)
・For Medals that are rarity 3★ or higher, if you combine two of the same Medal of the same rarity, you can increase the power of its Special Attack. Each time you do this, a dot ○ will become filled in .
・The number of dots that you can fill in depends on the Medal's rarity. A 6★ Medal can be strengthened to a total of 5 dots ●●●●●. And if you've completed Quest 200 to unlock the Power Bangle, you can unlock the Medal's "Special Attack Bonus" by strengthening it one more time after the 5 dots have been filled in.

・The Special Attack Bonus is a damage bonus added on top of the damage multipliers you earn by strengthening your Medal!
Different Medals have different Special Attack Bonus Tiers, which determine the range of the bonus received (see below for more details).

Tier 1 Increases damage by 10~25%
image Tier 2 Increases damage by 20~50%
image Tier 3 Increases damage by 40~100%
image Tier 4 Increases damage by 60~130%

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