Update 1.2.1 Details

Thank you for your continued support of KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ!
We are happy to announce that KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ has been updated to version 1.2.1.

Please see below for details on the update.

■System Additions

- Added the new “Nova” system.
- Added functions for future events.

■UI Adjustments

- While in the Medal Fusion screen, if you sort by Special Attack, Medals equivalent to the base Medal will now appear on the top.
- Adjusted the speed of the fast-forward via tap feature in the Results screen.
- Added the “Special Attack Bonus” and “No Special Attack Bonus” options to the Filter feature.
- Added the ability to sort by Proud Mode and standard quests in the story quests.
- When selecting a Keyblade for a quest, it will now display an animation of the Keyblade.
- Avatar Board slot unlock animation has been sped up.
- Improved the speed of the chat feature.

■Quest, Battle Additions and Adjustments

- If you are on top of a warp point after battle, you will now not warp immediately.
- Poison damage is now capped at 40,000.
- Enemies of higher level will now have higher resistance to status ailment effects such as poison, paralysis, and sleep.
- Adjusted how damage is calculated for Special Attacks that have a variable damage multiplier. The damage multiplier values displayed for certain Special Attacks have also been modified. (Please note that these adjustments are all improvements beneficial to the player.)

- The application icon has been updated.
- Addressed an issue wherein if the “Second Chance” skill is triggered by an enemy’s pre-emptive attack, even if you take more than one turn to defeat the enemy, the game will treat it as a 1 TURN TRIUMPH.
- Other minor issues have been addressed.

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