Autumn Campaign Medals Adjustments! (11/5)

★ KH Sora A, and HD Beast have been adjusted with the 11/5 update!
All players who own these Medals will be able to evolve them with a Fantasia Mickey B Medal to see the updated parameters.

The following Medals will become obtainable after 11/9:
SN++ - KH Sora A
SN++ - HD Beast

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■ Medal Details

Medal Special Attack Gauge Tier Damage*
SN++ - KH Sora A (7★)
[Maximum STR:45539 ]
[Target: All] Deals 5 hits. 1 attack: S-Medal STR +20000, critical hit chance: 50%. Pierces Defense Boost 30%. 2 10 × 36.20 - 108.61
[Target: All] [Mastery]1 attack: S-Medal STR +20000.  
Triggers before slot 5 is activated when defending in PVP.
× 240.00
SN++ - HD Beast (7★)
[Maximum STR:49720 ]
[Target: All] Deals 5 hits. 2 turns: P-Medal STR +6000, self [↑ U- & P-STR 15], targets [↓ U & P-DEF 15], SP ATK B +220%. Count ±0. Damage+: Higher HP. Next Medal turns Power. 4 10 × 61.44 - 81.77
[Target: Single] [Mastery]1 turn: P-Medal STR +12000, SP ATK B +320%. Ignores target's Defense Boost.
Triggers before slot 5 is activated when defending in PVP.
× 260.00

* Damage multiplier listed applies to when this Medal has its maximum Special Attack Bonus.
* You will only be able to attain the Maximum STR stat in red when the Medal is upgraded all the way with Boost Medals (not including stat boosts from Boosted Medals, Traits, and Passives).
* If multiple Medals that grant an increased SP Attack Bonus are activated during the same turn, the effects will not stack and the higher value will take effect.

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