[Updated 01/27] Letter from the Dev Team (Jan. 2020)

★ Updated on Jan. 27, 2020
The draw point campaign will be permanent after the update on Feb. 6 instead of Jan. 30.


★ Exciting Updates Coming for KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross]!

Thank you to all Keyblade wielders, both new and old, for playing KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross]!
We are excited to announce a new mobile experience for KINGDOM HEARTS will arrive in Spring 2020!
We are celebrating with a Guess the Name Campaign on Twitter!
Make sure to follow the new Twitter page and participate!

In conjunction with the release of the new mobile experience, we will be conducting a special campaign in KHUX!
Wondering if there will be a bonus when playing KHUX? More details will be released around mid-February!

KHUX will continue to update after the release of the new mobile experience!
・We’re planning a massive campaign in April to commemorate the 4th Anniversary!
・Main story will continue to be updated in the coming months!

After the update on Feb. 6, the draw point campaign will be permanent!
You’ll be able to power up your deck by receiving powerful SN+ and SN++ Medals!

We will keep you updated on the latest information on the new mobile experience at KHUX!

Follow us on Twitter for the latest news! @kh_ux_na