More Proud Mode Quests! (11/28)

★ More Proud Mode Quests Added!
We are happy to announce that Proud Mode Quests up to Quest 890 are available as of Nov. 28, 2019 12:00 a.m. (PT) / 8:00 (UTC)!!

■ About Proud Mode
・Proud Mode is a mode that allows you to re-challenge the Main Story quests at a higher difficulty with special rules.
・By clearing Proud Mode quests you can obtain new Keyblades as well as rare rewards such as Power Gems, Speed Gems, and Magic Gems, and the elusive Sun Gem and Moon Gem. Along with Dark Matter and Electrum Ore to level up the new Keyblades, Magic Mirror Medals to raise your Special Attack Bonus by 1%, and more!
・You can challenge Proud Mode by tapping on the Proud button from the Story Quests page!
・Upon clearing Proud Mode Quest No. 885 and No. 890 you will receive a 600 Jewel first time clear reward each for a total of 1200 Jewels!

■ Regarding the Special Rules
・The Keyblades you can use are fixed for each quest.
・There are limits for each quest regarding which Medal's abilities you can use.
    Only special attacks with a bonus value of 40% or higher allowed.
    Special attacks allowed only for Upright Medals.
・You cannot continue in battle.
・You cannot use Friend Medals.

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