Version 3.4.0 Update

Thank you for playing KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross].

The app was updated to Version 3.4.0 on Sep. 19, 2019.
Please see the below for a list of adjustments implemented with this update.

■ Moogle Shop
・You will be able to purchase various items (Items will cost Jewels).
・Get limited time items and special items you can only get when you purchase the Jewel Box +.

■ Passives
◆ Unlock Passives based on your LUX levels.
・Unlock Passives starting from LUX level 350 such as increased STR / DEF / HP / and SP ATK Gauge.
・At LUX level 800, you will have unlocked the following Passives:
STR +3000 (applies to all equipped Medals) / DEF +3000 / HP +5000 / SP ATK Gauge +3 (applies to all Keyblades).
◆ Unlock Passives based on your Keyblade levels.
・At Keyblade level +35, you will unlock Passives such as increased STR for Upright P, Upright S, Upright M, Reversed P, Reversed S, Reversed M, P, S, M, Upright, and Reversed Medals.
Upright P Medal STR +50 → Upright and P Medal STR +50
P Medal STR +100 → P Medal STR +100 (Not limited to Upright or Reversed).

■Medal Fusion Improvement
・The Medal Fusion process has been simplified.
・If you have all the appropriate Medals, you can enhance them all the way to the max with just one fuse.

■ Speed-up Feature in Union Cross
You will now be able to use the speed-up feature in Union Cross.

■Adjustments to Subslots Modifiers
・The Subslot modifiers of single-attribute and double-attribute Keyblades have been adjusted in the following manner (to balance them with triple-attribute Keyblades such as Fairy Stars and Stroke of Midnight).
・Single-attribute Keyblades: x 1.6
・Double-attribute Keyblades: x 1.2

■ Maximum LUX Level Increased
Your maximum LUX level has increased from 800 to 850.

■ Increase in Medal Storage
You will be able to increase the maximum capacity of your Medal storage to 3,000 Medals (previously 2,000).
* In conjunction with this increase, we will be conducting a Medal storage sale from Sep. 19, 2019 11:30 p.m. (PT) / Sep. 20, 2019 6:30 (UTC) to Oct. 23, 2019 11:59 p.m. (PT) / Oct. 24, 2019 6:59 (UTC). During this period, you will be able to increase Medal storage capacity for HALF the amount of Jewels (100 > 50)!

■ Addressed Issues
- Addressed an issue with the Beginner Missions and Proud+ Quests.⇒ Click here for more details.
- Addressed an issue with Reflect. ⇒ Click here for more details.
- Addressed an issue with the Union Ranking result screen.⇒ Click here for more details.

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