Letter from the Dev Team (Sep. 2019)

★ Exciting Updates Coming for KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross]!

Thank you to all Keyblade wielders, both new and old, for playing KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross]!

We'd like to take this chance to give you a preview of some of the updates and changes we're planning on implementing in late September.

■ Passives
Unlock Passives based on your LUX and Keyblade levels.

- Upright Speed Medal's STR increases by 50 when your Starlight Keyblade reaches +35.
- STR increases by 100 when LUX level reaches 350.

■ Moogle Shop
You will be able to purchase various items at the Moogle Shop!

■ Adjustments to Subslots Modifiers
As we previously stated, we will be making improvements to the Subslot modifiers of single-attribute Keyblades (all 5 slots have same PSM attribute) because it's currently difficult to increase the Subslot modifiers and also difficult to use.

■ Medal Fusion Improvement
With the improvements that we will be making to the Medal Fusion process, it will be much easier to enhance your Medals.

* This screenshot is taken from a development build.

■ Speed-up Feature in Union Cross
You will be able to use the speed-up feature in Union Cross.

■ Increase in Medal Storage
You will be able to increase the maximum capacity of your Medal storage to 3,000 Medals (previously 2,000).

★ There will be a minor update in late October, where you will be able to stack your Subslot Medals.

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