KH III Deal! (03/15)
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★ 3 NEW Tier 8 Medals have been added to the KH III Deal!
Both Standard and VIP Draws offer 10 Limited VIP Coins per draw!

■ Campaign Period
Mar. 15, 2019 12:00 a.m. to Mar. 21, 2019 11:59 p.m. (PT)
Mar. 15, 2019 7:00 to Mar. 22, 2019 6:59 (UTC)

The new Tier 8 Medals KH III Baymax, KH III Go Go, and KH III Hiro have been added, for a total of 28 KH III Medals available from the KH III Deal! Additionally, you'll get 10 Limited VIP Coins per draw from both Standard and VIP!

See in-game for Deal Details!

■ Medal Details
・All 28 of the KH III Medals below can be powered up with Dual Meow Wow Medals!
 ・Tier 9 Supernova Medals - Can be upgraded into Supernova+ Medals!
 ・Tier 8 Medals - Can be evolved into Supernova Medals!
 ・Tier 7 Medals - Can be evolved into Supernova Medals!

See About Evolving/Upgrading Supernova Medals for more information.

・Each Medal comes with 5 trait slots.
Supernova - KH III Lea (Axel), SN - KH III Monster Sora and Supernova - KH III Vanitas are worth 180 Spirit Points.
・The remaining Tier 9 Medals and Tier 8 Medals are worth 120 Spirit Points. Tier 7 Medals are worth 80 Spirit Points.
 * Indicated Spirit Point values apply when the Medal does not have any traits unlocked.

▼ Tier 9 Medals ▼

▼ Tier 8 Medals ▼

▼ Tier 7 Medals ▼

* Damage multiplier listed applies to a version of this Medal with a maximum Special Attack Bonus.
* If multiple Medals that grant an increased SP Attack Bonus are activated during the same turn, the effects will not stack and the higher value will take effect.

★ Limited VIP Coins

Limited VIP Coins can be used to unlock rewards from the ongoing Limited VIP Boards!
The rewards from current boards include Trait Medals for use with Supernova - KH III Riku, Supernova - KH III Sora, and SN - KH III Young Xehanort!
* All Limited VIP Coins currently being distributed will expire on Mar. 31, 2019 11:59 p.m. (PT) / Apr. 1, 2019 6:59 (UTC).

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