Dual Meow Wow Deal!

★ Draw using Platinum Tickets to get Dual Meow Wow Medals!
Power up your Medals by unlocking or upgrading Supernova!

■ Deal Details:
・One Platinum Ticket will be consumed per draw from this 5-Medal Deal.
・All Medals obtained from this Deal will be Dual Meow Wow Evolve Medals. There are 3 variations of Dual Meow Wow, ranging from [SAB LV 7] - [SAB LV 9].
Please see "Draw Odds" for more details.

Required Chance to Obtain
Platinum Ticket
Dual Meow Wow [SAB LV 7]
Dual Meow Wow [SAB LV 8]
Dual Meow Wow [SAB LV 9]

■ About Evolving/Upgrading Supernova Medals
Using Dual Meow Wow Medals allow specific Attack Medals to be evolved or upgraded as follows.

Certain Medals that originally had Supernova - Can be upgraded into Supernova+ Medals!
Certain Medals that did not originally have Supernova - Can be evolved into Supernova Medals!

The following will occur when evolving or upgrading Supernova Medals:
★ The Medal's level will be reset to LV 1, allowing you to further upgrade its Attack and Defense up to LV 120!
★ Boosting the Medal with Chip and Dale Medals will allow the Medal to raise its maximum Attack and Defense to +3000!

* In order to evolve or upgrade an eligible Medal to Supernova or Supernova+, the Medal must be 7★ rarity and LV 120.
You will also require five Dual Meow Wow Medals of the target Medal's corresponding SAB Tier.
* Medals that did not originally have Supernova cannot be upgraded to Supernova+ after being evolved to Supernova.

Information regarding which Medals can be evolved or upgraded can be viewed in Deal notices.
* Similar to Boosted Medals, the Attack and Defense of Medals that have been evolved or upgraded to Supernova or Supernova+ will be highlighted in yellow. In order to differentiate between the two, Boosted versions of Supernova or Supernova+ Medals will also have the Gauge Cost details highlighted in yellow.

* Platinum Tickets are mainly obtainable from PvP Mode in the Coliseum.
* Dual Meow Wow Medals can be obtained through PvE and various other means.

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