Medal Roundup Event!

We're happy to announce the Medal Roundup Event!
Collect new 5★ and 6★ Medals making their debut in the Global version of KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross]!

■Event Period:
Aug. 29, 2018 12:00 a.m. to Sep. 4, 2018 11:59 p.m. (PT)
Aug. 29, 2018 7:00 to Sep. 5, 2018 6:59 (UTC)

■Event Details:
・Collect the new 5★ and 6★ Medals! The enemies you face in these quests will have a chance of dropping the Medals listed below!
・A total of 3 quests will be available during the event period.
・There's a small chance that Boosted Medals will drop from enemies!
・Boosted Medals will have 1,000 more base Strength.


Medal Attribute Reversed / Upright Special Attack Bonus Tier Special Attack Target Gauge Cost Damage Multiplier*
Wardrobe P Upright 3 Raises STR & Power-based STR by 3 tiers for 3 attacks. All 4 × 3.26
Lumière B S Upright 3 Raises STR & Speed-based STR by 3 tiers for 3 attacks. All 4 × 3.26
Mrs. Potts & Chip S Upright 3 Raises Speed-based STR by 3 tiers for 1 turn. Restores 3 gauges. Single 5 × 3.34
Belle B M Upright 3 Lowers target's DEF by 3 tiers for 2 attacks. Single 2 × 3.34
Cogsworth B M Upright 3 Raises STR & Magic-based STR by 3 tiers for 3 attacks. All 4 × 3.26

NOTE: The Medal information listed here apply to the 6★ versions of each medal. Please note 5★ versions of these Medals are also available from this event and will have slightly different stats.
* Damage multipliers listed apply to a version of these Medals with a maximum Special Attack Bonus.

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