Introducing Boosters!

In Version 2.4.0, we're introducing Boosters! Use this new item to temporarily strengthen your Medals!
・Different types of Boosters will strengthen different types of Medals.
・For example, a P Booster will strengthen Power Medals.

・You can obtain Boosters as rewards from special events.
・A Booster will automatically strengthen the appropriate Medals as soon as you obtain one, so no need to use or activate it!
*Boosters will lose their effectiveness at a pre-determined date and time.

・You can check a Booster's effects and when it is set to expire by tapping on the "Boosters" button located on the profile screen.


・Medals affected by a Booster will have a Booster percentage displayed on their Medal Details screen.


*Should you have several Boosters of the same Attribute activated at the same time, the effects will stack.
*For Medals with the 'Copy' Special Ability: if you should have a P Booster activated and use a the Copy Special Ability to copy a Power Medal, the P Booster effect will activate.
*The images used in this announcement are still under development.

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