Introducing the Pet System!

In Version 2.3.1, we're introducing the Pet System, enabling you to take part in quests with your very own unique pet!
*The Pet System will unlock on the Home Screen after clearing Story Quest 14.

■ About the Pet System

Equip your Pet with Medals to power them up, and use your Pet as your new 6th slot Medal in battle!
・Your Pet has a number of different Tricks that they can perform, which will activite during battle!
・You can name your Pet, customize their appearance, and power them up!

■ Equip your Pet with their battle Medal!

・When you press the blue button located on the top center of the "Equipment" screen, the Pet Medal Slot will appear and you can equip a Medal.
You will be able to use this Medal in battle as your 6th slot Medal!

■ About Customizing and Powering Up your Pet

・If you tap your Pet, located on the top left of the screen next to your avatar, you will be taken to the Main Pet Screen where you can change your Pet's name and appearance, and also power them up!

★ Dress your Pet up however you like!

・Press the Outfits button on the Main Pet Screen.
・Here you can customize your Pet's appearance using avatar parts, and create our own unique and adorable Pet!

★ Power up your Pet!

・Press the Gear button on the Main Pet Screen.
・Here you can equip your Pet with Medals that make them stronger, separate from the Medal you can equip for use in battle. By doing this, you can increase your Pet's rank.


・Your Pet's rank is determined by the total points of the 6 Medals equipped on this screen.
・When your Pet's rank increases, their damage multiplier (for your 6th slot Medal) will increase and they will also learn a new Trick!

・Medals that you can use to power up your Pet will have their point value listed. This point value will differ from one Medal to the next.
For example, Medals with Traits have especially high point values.
If you tap the Optimize button, your pet will automatically be equipped with Medals that have the most amount of points.

・Your Pet's Tricks will activate in battle after fulfilling certain conditions. These abilities are super helpful, as your Pet will come to your aid and help you in different ways!
You can confirm your Pet's Tricks on the Main Pet Screen by tapping the Tricks button.

*The Medals you use to increase your Pet's rank will not be deleted or used up, so feel free to change them up as you wish.
*You can simultaneously use a Medal to power up your Pet and equip it on one of your Keyblades.

*The images used in this announcement are still under development. Text, stats, etc. may differ in the finished live build.

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