Falling Price Deal!

● Increasingly Cheaper Draws with the Falling Price Deal!

For the first time, the Jewel cost for this deal will gradually decrease with each pull, decreasing to 1900 Jewels from your 5th pull onward!

The Falling Price Deal introduces two new Tier 5 Medals (Special Attack Bonus range 80%~150%), both of which will come pre-strengthend to 3 Special Attack Dots if pulled from this deal:
 Illustrated Roxas and HD Naminé!

HD Naminé is a very unique Medal that copies the Special Attack of the Medal immediately after it!
The Extra Attack Trait on HD Naminé is also quite powerful, since both the original and extra Special Attack can copy the next Medal's Special Attack!

The Falling Price Deal also introduces three new Tier 3 Medals (Special Attack Bonus range 40%~100%):
 Ansem, Lady Tremaine & Daughters, and Lucifer!

Read on for more details!

■ New Epic Medal Details


Medal Attribute Reversed / Upright Special Attack Bonus Tier Special Attack Target
Gauge Cost
Illustrated Roxas
*Includes music
S Upright 5 Deals 5 hits. Raises Speed-based strength by 3 tiers for 1 turn. Inflicts more damage the more gauges are full. All 4
HD Naminé
*Includes music
M Upright 5 Unleashes the same special attack as the next Medal. Works only when set before a Medal.

(NOTE: Fails if used as a Friend Medal, or if no Medal is set afterward.)
Next Medal's target.

(Single if Special Attack fails.)
Lady Tremaine & Daughters M Reversed 3 Lowers strength of all targets by 1 tier for 2 turns. All 3
Lucifer S Reversed 3 Raises strength by 2 tiers for 1 turn. Lowers defense by 2 tiers for 1 turn. Single 0
Ansem P Reversed 3 Deals 7 hits. Inflicts a fixed amount of damage regardless of targets' defense. All 4
* NOTE: The 5★ version of the Lady Tremaine & Daughters Medal is named Lady Tremaine.

■ Falling Price Deal Details

■ Campaign Period:
Apr. 28, 2017 12:00 a.m. to May 18, 2017 11:59 p.m. (PT)
Apr. 28, 2017 7:00 to May 19, 2017 6:59 (UTC)

This 10-Medal Falling Price Deal guarantees the following:
・The price of the deal will decrease after each draw:
 - 1st Draw: 3000 Jewels
 - 2nd Draw: 2500 Jewels
 - 3rd Draw: 2200 Jewels
 - 4nd Draw: 2000 Jewels
 - 5th Draw onward: 1900 Jewels
・You will receive at least one Tier 4 or higher Medal in each pull!
 (Please check the bottom of this notice for a full list of all Tier 4 and higher Medals that are currently available.)
・If you receive any of the following Medals from this deal, they will come with their Special Attack strengthened to 3 dots:
 - HD Naminé
 - Illustrated Roxas
These two Medals will come pre-strengthened to 3 dots only if pulled from this Falling Price Deal or from the Daily Deal or Small Deal during this deal period.

You also have a chance of getting Boosted versions of the new Medals!
・Boosted HD Naminé, Illustrated Roxas: 1,000 more base Strength and Defense.
・Boosted Ansem, Lady Tremaine & Daughters, Lucifer: 1,000 more base Strength
・The boosted base Strength and Defense stat will be highlighted in yellow instead of the usual white text on the Medal details screen.
・A Boosted Medal can have its Special Attack strengthened by fusing the normal version of the same Medal onto it.
However, make sure that you don't fuse the Boosted version onto a normal version, or else you'll lose the stat boost!

NOTE: This deal does not have a "Guaranteed within X turns" aspect. In other words, it does not guarantee that you will receive a specific Medal within a certain number of turns.

See below for a list of all Tier 4 and higher Medals currently available.
You are guaranteed at least one of the following Medals if you pull from the Falling Price Deal:

Tier 5
・Dark Riku
・HD Naminé
・HD Roxas
・HD Ursula
・Illustrated KH II Kairi
・Illustrated KH II Sora
・Illustrated Leon
・Illustrated Roxas
・Illustrated Riku B
・Illustrated Sora B
・Key Art #2
・Key Art #3
・Key Art #4
・World of Chaos
・Xehanort & Vanitas

Tier 4
・Boss Marluxia
・Casual Roxas
・HD Axel
・HD Riku
・HD Sora
・Illustrated Ansem
・Illustrated Aqua
・Illustrated Cloud
・Illustrated Kairi
・Illustrated King Mickey
・Illustrated Riku A
・Illustrated Sephiroth
・Illustrated Sora A
・Illustrated Terra
・Illustrated Ventus
・Illustrated Xion
・Illustrated Xemnas
・Illustrated Sora & Pals
・Pooh & Piglet
・Sora & Donald & Goofy A
・SP Axel
・SP Roxas
・SP Xion

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