Hide and Seek with Alice!

● Event Details

■ Event Period:
Jul. 15, 2016 12:00 a.m. to Jul. 28, 2016 11:59 p.m. (PT)
Jul. 15, 2016 7:00 to Jul. 29, 2016 6:59 (UTC)


・Defeat quest event enemies to get Playing Card and Queen of Hearts Medals!
・To evolve a Queen of Hearts Medal, you will need Playing Card Medals!

▽Required number of Playing Card Medals to evolve a Queen of Hearts Medal
Queen of Hearts Rarity Required amount and rarity of Playing Card Medals
3★→4★ 3★ Playing Card × 1
4★→5★ 4★ Playing Card × 2
5★→6★ 5★ Playing Card × 2


★Be efficient by evolving your Medals before strengthening their abilities★
The selected event quest difficulty determines the rarity of Medals that drop.

Beginner 1★ Playing Card
3★ Queen of Hearts
Intermediate 1★~2★ Playing Card
3★ Queen of Hearts
Advanced 2★~3★ Playing Card
3★ Queen of Hearts
Legendary 3★~4★ Playing Card
3★~4★ Queen of Hearts

※As you play higher difficulties, Queen of Hearts Medals will drop more frequently.

Be sure to use your Medals efficiently to get 6★ Medals so that you can level up their abilities accordingly!

Thank you for playing KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ!