Ready for Epic Medals?
● Introducing Epic Medals!


You've got some powerful new friends here to help you!

Epic Medals are extra powerful and rare Medals that all start at 5★!
They can be strengthened to receive up to a Level 3 Special Attack Bonus, making them very heavy hitters!
(See below for details about Special Attack Bonuses.)

Here are the new Epic Medals being introduced!

Medal Details:

Medal Attribute Gauge Cost Target Special Attack
Black Coat King Mickey Power 3 All Deals a hit with no attributes.
Zack Power 2 All Inflicts more damage the lower your HP.
Aladdin Speed 2 All Inflicts more damage the lower your HP.
KH II Kairi Speed 3 Single Raises Speed-based strength by 2 tier for 1 turn.
KH CoM Black Coat Riku Magic 2 All Inflicts damage in exchange for defense.
Final Form Sora Magic 1 All Deals 4 hits. Inflicts damage in exchange for HP.

●Epic Medal Carnival


To celebrate the arrival of Epic Medals, we're offering a very special deal this week to help you get your hands on them!

Campaign Period: May 13, 2016 12:00 a.m. to May 19, 2016 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time)

This deal not only includes a guaranteed 5★ Epic Medal, but also has a higher chance of the other 9 Medals being Epic Medals as well!
In order to maximize the Special Attack Bonuses of these Medals, you'll want multiples of them, and this deal is just what you'll need to get them!

And if you're especially lucky, you'll get a Black Coat King Mickey that comes with a guaranteed Attack Boost II skill! Combined with a Special Attack Bonus, this skill will send the Heartless running!

●About Special Attack Bonuses

Special Attack Bonuses are unlocked when you strengthen a 6★ Medal with the Power Bangle.
Different Medals have different maximum Special Attack Bonus Levels, the effects of which you can see below.
If you haven't gotten the Power Bangle yet, please continue your adventure until Quest 200 to get it!

Level 1 Increases damage by 10~25%
image Level 2 Increases damage by 20~50%
image Level 3 Increases damage by 40~100%

For more details about Special Attack Bonuses, please check out the Help section.

Thank you for playing KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ!