New Medals & Skills to Thrill!

We've got two exciting announcements for you today!


● New Medals!

“I’m Aerith, the flower girl. Nice to meet you.”

Who better to welcome Spring showers and blooming flowers than Aerith! And she’s brought some friends and familiar faces with her as well! Starting today you'll have a chance to get these Medals in the shop!

Medal Details:

Medal Attribute Gauge Cost Target Ability
Phil Power
2 Single Increases power-based strength by 1 tier for 1 turn.
White Rabbit Speed
2 Single Increases speed-based strength by 1 tier for 1 turn.
KH Aerith Magic
2 Single Increases magic-based strength by 1 tier for 1 turn.
KH II Leon Ver.B Power
2 Single Inflicts more damage the higher your HP.
Daisy Speed
2 Single Moderately recovers HP before attacking.
Genie Magic
3 All Inflicts more damage to paralyzed targets.


● Skills to Thrill Deal!

Campaign Period: Apr. 29, 2016 12:00 a.m. to May 5, 2016 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time)

To stand against the Heartless, you’ll need not only powerful Medals, but skilled ones as well.
The “Skills to Thrill” deal not only includes a 5★ Medal with one of the skills below, but also gives the other 9 Medals you’ll receive a higher chance of coming with a skilll! 

Sleep: Puts the enemy to sleep.
Paralysis: Paralyzes the enemy.
Poison: Poisons the enemy.
Attack Boost All I: Deals 1.2 times more damage when attacking all enemies.
Attack Boost I: Deals 1.2 times more damage.
Defense Boost I: Cuts enemy damage by 1/2.
[RARE!]Attack Boost II: Deals 1.4 times more damage.
[NEW!][RARE!]Lux Plus: Increases Lux dropped by enemies.

Thank you for playing KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ!